KNIGHTS On Sale Until the 29nd~ (Winter Sales 2017 pt.2-2)

Sales Are Still Here It wasn’t that long ago since 2017’s Steam Winter Sales ended. With it, I’m positive so did a lot of the bucks from your wallet, but hear me out, because for less than ONE more buckaroo, you can have more hours of fun. We are talking over 30 hours of minimalist... Continue Reading →


PEG On Sale Until the 22nd~ (Winter Sales 2017 pt.2)

Winter Is Here (Spent So Much Trying To Make Pun With That Reference, And The Post Contents, But Failed) It is official, wallets are now safe (or at least safer), until the next big Steam sales. And yes, this might be too well put together to be a coincidence, so I'll admit it now. This... Continue Reading →

Steam Winter Sales Ending Soon!

Lord Gaben Is About To Leave For The Holiday Season Before the door is closed, and you are left with the empty void of being unable to empty your wallet instead, let me remind you what you can get for almost a buck: KNIGHTS 99¢ 49¢ ║ Steam | Puzzle game based on a single... Continue Reading →

Minimalist Puzzle Developers Bundle

Awesome, Cheap Minimalist Puzzle Games, At An Even Cheaper Price What you are seeing is but a small taste of a little treat that was being baked behind the scenes for you guys. I teamed up with other minimalist puzzle developers in order to present to you a great deal for those interested in minimalist... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas Sales Just For You ;)

It Is That Time Of The Year Again! Oh boy! It has been a couple of days since the sales started, so maybe you can already see that reflected in your wallet. But that IS what this last stretch is always about, so better get to shopping while you can. Of course, that means that... Continue Reading →

PEG (Android) Free Until Saturday!

We did it again. In case you missed it, KNIGHTS was shortly available for free on the Google Play Store. But don't worry, because as of today you are able to get PEG COMPLETELY FREE instead! In case you don't want to play it right away, you are more than welcome to download and play... Continue Reading →

KNIGHTS (Android) Free For A Limited Time!

You Heard It Right For three days only, you can get the Google Play version of KNIGHTS COMPLETELY FREE! (Unlimited supplies, but still, a one-of-a-kind type of deal). Want to play it later? Sure, go ahead, you only need to click install and it is yours forever. Just try not to miss it because it... Continue Reading →

Last Hours of PEG’s Launch Discount~

It is far from the greatest launch discount given to a game on steam, but it is one that matters nonetheless. The game is turning one week old guys! Make the best use of the discount while it lasts! Want to share the love for the game? (Or the developer? *wink* *wink*) Then please,... Continue Reading →

KNIGHTS 50% Sale – 10/10/2016

Just wanted to make a little sale announcement. KNIGHTS will be for sale during 14 days starting today (10/10/2016) at a 50% off! With even greater discounts on the official website. (Up to 60%!) And of course, a big thank you to everyone that has supported the game so far!

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