Programmer Tip – Optional Parameters

Saving Re-Writing Code Since C# 4 When building your own systems, you might sometimes require a method you just made to slightly change its functionality in some cases. It might be that you wish you could provide an extra boolean or number to that method, without breaking all you have already done. In these cases,... Continue Reading →


Programmer Tip – Multiline Editing

Comment Many Lines At Once Sometimes you are in need of modifying many fields at one, to make them ALL from private to public. Other times you might want to leave a comment on many lines, while having those comments aligned. And finally, other times, you just want to delete many lines at once. If... Continue Reading →

Programmer Tip – Document With “///”

Never Forget What Your Code Does When the project you start working on keeps getting bigger, there are more and more things you will always need to remember the functionality of. Wait? Did you forget what that 500 line class you wrote was supposed to do? Well that is just a bummer, you will have... Continue Reading →

Programmer Tip – Params Keyword

Avoid Making Multiple Methods Sometimes you require to pass a LOT information to a method of a given type, and you might’ve worked around it doing something like: public MyMethodThatNeedsManyStrings(List<string> myStringList) Which in practice might seem like the way to go, but on the long run it will involve you needing to create and populate... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About: Random Seeding

Many games in the market today try to include a certain feature never seen in games from the early days, procedural generation. But what exactly means to "procedurally generate" or "randomly generate" a game? In essence, it means that the game has the ability to provide a fresh new start or level everytime the player... Continue Reading →

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