Little Room is now Available on GameJolt!

A few days back, the little side project by the name of Little Room was finished. The game is free to download, but I decided it would be best to spread it as much as possible. That's why Little room is now available in both and GameJolt! One more platform to add to the... Continue Reading →


Little Room Review – Softpedia

Yesterday, Little Room became available to download for free. Some downloads were expected, given it got front-paged to the "new" section in after it became available to public. To my surprise, after a couple of hours I received an email I wasn't actually expecting: Little Room, one of your products, has been added to... Continue Reading →

Little Room Is Free To Download on!

As said yesterday, Little Room is finally finished~ So it is time to happily announce it is now available to download for free at   All you have to do is hit the "Download Now" button, and then you can download for the PC platform of your choice. It will then appear like you... Continue Reading →

Little Room Is Finished

After over a week in development, the wait is finally over. Little Room is finally complete~   Just as a friendly reminder, the game will be free to play and available on all PC platforms. It won't be long until all the download links are up and running, so stay tuned.   Making this second... Continue Reading →

Little Room Is Close To Be Completed

Little Room is a short free-to-play text-based game that revolves around decisions and dreams. It is close to be completed, to the point that it might be available to the public during the next week. (It is planned to be finished by tomorrow though)It might not be worthy to get a game or the year... Continue Reading →

Little Room Now In Development~

Little Room will be a short free to play light-hearted atmospheric game that will talk about never ending cycles and decisions, it should be available to the public soon enough, given the short length it is intended to have. This little project is also intended to test out some scripts, as well as to give... Continue Reading →

Little Evershifting Room

~I AM FEELING... DREAMY~ A new, completely free to play game is already in development. It will be called "Little Evershifting Room", and will be based around a similar concept of that of P.T. (without the horror elements). The core concept will be exploring the same room over and over, while paying attention to how... Continue Reading →

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