Common Game Developer Questions (Part 2) – About Steam Greenlight

This is but an update message to let people know that more questions from the About Steam Greenlight F.A.Q. has been updated. Namely, it now includes the answers to the following questions: What did you do to get Greenlit? What are the requirements to upload at Greenlight Are there any things to consider about Greenlight... Continue Reading →


Common Game Developer Questions (Part 1) – About Steam Greenlight

Just a little disclaimer, this FAQ was started before Steam announced they would be dropping the Greenlight program, but decided to finish it while it was still relevant. Also note that given just how much I'll be writing, the whole FAQ will NOT be completed right away, but instead given out in healthy chunks for... Continue Reading →

New Steam Review System, It’s Nice

For those of you that frequent Steam, you might have notice something a little different today. Sure, it gets tweaked every now and then with minor and almost daily updates, but sometimes we get treats like this. Let me get this out first though... C'MON! I can CLEARLY see I have more than 93 reviews!... Continue Reading →

KNIGHTS – Addendum

The first week of sales for KNIGHTS went extremely well, in fact I never expected them to be this good o-o". So far the reactions, feedback and overall comments I've received are overwhelming. So thank to you everyone that was part of the journey until now.   KNIGHTS is unworthy of a GOTY award, it... Continue Reading →

Development Experience: Unity WebGL

Some time now ago, Chrome launched a new version that dropped all type NPAPI-support. For regular users this might not mean anything, but for Unity developers, this meant that the Unity Web Player would become unusable. Namely, Chrome users (which actually make up a great chunk of the web market) would not be able to... Continue Reading →

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