View The PEG Trailer~

There was a post yesterday regarding the fact that PEG now has a Steam page, but today the intention is to focus on an aspect of it, the trailer:   To anyone that reads it there is but a question I want to ask you, what do you think of it? Did you... Continue Reading →


PEG Is Hitting Steam!

After a good time in my own game development purgatory, PEG is nearly hitting Steam :3   The official release date will be that of the first days of October, maybe 2 or 3, but it will be during those days for sure. There will be a special discount for those that grab... Continue Reading →

Made PEG Achievements

Just like the time when it came to KNIGHTS here are all the achievements that will be included for all different platforms the game will be released in. Do expect the PC, Android and iOS (yes, there will be iOS version this time around :D) updates in a post during mid September. Like the last time,... Continue Reading →

PEG – One Week From Done

Just a little quick (important) update. PEG, the project that has been in my development hell for quite some time now, is one week away from being completed. (Functionally speaking) It will be $1 and will come to both mobile and PC (as soon as each store approves it of course). Do wait for an... Continue Reading →

Options Menu

I'm not sure if this was clear from the beginning, but I intend PEG to be the first game I make that has no text other than the game name on the title screen. That intention comes all the way back from when I made KNIGHTS, but in the end I was unable to explain... Continue Reading →

Reusable Audio Mixer Settings

Audio is one of those things any game that is made will inevitably need to incorporate one way or another (unless it is just that extravagant of a game idea). So if you are one of those that plan on making several games, might as well make a good system that can be easily reusable... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Working On: Quest System Pt. 2

  Last time I showed this little quest system it was but a bare skeleton without functionality (other than redrawing itself as needed) and now it is finally functional. Added some more visual aids for easy readability including a human readable display of the conditions, warnings and error boxes for invalid fields and content and... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Working On: Quest System

I know, I know, a quest system? Really? But hear me out, this system isn't to support the expected fetch quests or RPG trope-based type of missions only, but instead it is an universal system intended to easily deploy unlockables, achievements, and pretty much anything that needs to track certain variables to change the values... Continue Reading →

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