Unity Tool (?) – Inspector Pong

Well, This Is Kinda Pointless We all have been there, the moment you want to work the most, is when everything seems so potential to fiddle with. Something on your desk, your phone, some random content provider like social media or a YouTube auto playlist. This is just one of those little distractions you can... Continue Reading →


Unity Tool – Enum Label

Pimp Your Enums' Elements In Unity Enums, once you get to use them in unity once, you will always try to use them. Not only do they save confusion by avoiding having to use many boolean flags, but also help you tidy up your code and work amazingly well on the Unity inspector. If for... Continue Reading →

Programmer Tip – Params Keyword

Avoid Making Multiple Methods Sometimes you require to pass a LOT information to a method of a given type, and you might’ve worked around it doing something like: public MyMethodThatNeedsManyStrings(List<string> myStringList) Which in practice might seem like the way to go, but on the long run it will involve you needing to create and populate... Continue Reading →

Unity Tool – Common Folder Quick Open

All In One Place When testing a game for production, it is very likely that while you are at it you have open several different folders, browser tabs, and even folders. And it is in Unity specifically, where one tends to visit the same folders over and over (such as Application.dataPath, among others), because these... Continue Reading →

KNIGHTS On Sale Until the 29nd~ (Winter Sales 2017 pt.2-2)

Sales Are Still Here It wasn’t that long ago since 2017’s Steam Winter Sales ended. With it, I’m positive so did a lot of the bucks from your wallet, but hear me out, because for less than ONE more buckaroo, you can have more hours of fun. We are talking over 30 hours of minimalist... Continue Reading →

Unity Tool – ReadOnly Attribute

You Can See It, But Never Touch It When you start using Unity, the first type of "customizable controls" you learn to make, probably involve having a bunch of public variables to tweak during run-time to test. We all start like that, but if you work a little longer on a project you might realize,... Continue Reading →

Software Suggestion – GIFCam

Make GIFs From Your Screen On The Press Of A Button If your everyday life somehow revolves into peeking at social media, you may have noticed that GIFs are prevalent in many popular posts. And why wouldn't they? We are immediately attracted to moving images when browsing through mostly static content. So naturally, if you... Continue Reading →

Unity Tip – Use StringBuilder Instead Of +=

We Are All Accustomed To += Whenever you wish to concatenate two strings in your project, at some point you probably ended up doing something like: string myString += "myOtherString"; The reason? It is of the first things you are probably taught to be able to do while programming, and it's super easy to keep... Continue Reading →

PEG On Sale Until the 22nd~ (Winter Sales 2017 pt.2)

Winter Is Here (Spent So Much Trying To Make Pun With That Reference, And The Post Contents, But Failed) It is official, wallets are now safe (or at least safer), until the next big Steam sales. And yes, this might be too well put together to be a coincidence, so I'll admit it now. This... Continue Reading →

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