Unity Tip – Built-In Primitive Sprites

Circles, Squares, Triangles. Simple Shapes To Use From The Get-Go You are building your game, and suddenly came to the realization you need a simple sprite as a placeholder, or as the main shape for a particle system. Whetever the case, you are in need of a white basic shape to color over. Just to... Continue Reading →


Unity Tip – Edit Collision Matrix

There are many game genre’s that rely on physics, maybe even almost all of them actually. Bullet hell, hack and slash, platformer, action, and maybe even puzzle games. So chances are, a game you are working on needs things to bump into other things. But the thing is, you might not actually need them to... Continue Reading →

Unity Tip – Documentation URL

The Official Unity Documentation Is Always Watching Unity is a pretty neat tool, there is no arguing that. It has many built-in components and goodies to get you started… for some even too many. Keeping up with what each component does (especially when they get updated on newer versions), and what each new patch brings... Continue Reading →

Unity Tip – HelpURL

Visit Your Cat Sites At The Click Of A Button If your project is very big and complex, you might even have your own custom online documentation for your coworkers to access. Or on a more downsized example, you might’ve downloaded something and want to keep the reference easy to access somehow. Whatever the case,... Continue Reading →

Unity Tip – Use StringBuilder Instead Of +=

We Are All Accustomed To += Whenever you wish to concatenate two strings in your project, at some point you probably ended up doing something like: string myString += "myOtherString"; The reason? It is of the first things you are probably taught to be able to do while programming, and it's super easy to keep... Continue Reading →

Unity Tip – Move Components Between GameObjects

No Need To Stick With Old Unity Conventions If you have been using Unity since quite some time ago, chances are you are unaware of some new goodies that were stealthily added to it. This is just a little tip to avoid going through the process of creating a new component on the target GameObject,... Continue Reading →

Reusable Audio Mixer Settings

Audio is one of those things any game that is made will inevitably need to incorporate one way or another (unless it is just that extravagant of a game idea). So if you are one of those that plan on making several games, might as well make a good system that can be easily reusable... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Working On: Quest System Pt. 2

  Last time I showed this little quest system it was but a bare skeleton without functionality (other than redrawing itself as needed) and now it is finally functional. Added some more visual aids for easy readability including a human readable display of the conditions, warnings and error boxes for invalid fields and content and... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Working On: Quest System

I know, I know, a quest system? Really? But hear me out, this system isn't to support the expected fetch quests or RPG trope-based type of missions only, but instead it is an universal system intended to easily deploy unlockables, achievements, and pretty much anything that needs to track certain variables to change the values... Continue Reading →

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