PEG’s Trading Cards & Goodies

You know it, the lack of Steam goodies are deal-breakers to many, so when you develop a game you should try to go out of your way to make them.

The only catch now, is that you have to sell an unspecified amount of valid copies of the game before they enable them for you:

But not like they are much trouble to make anyway, especially if (as a developer) you consider that you may now give yourself tools to pimp your own profile, so that is a little nice extra.

As shown above, trading cards have yet to be enabled (namely because the game hasn’t launched yet). But nothing is preventing anyone for making them beforehand.


So, here are the goodies already prepared for PEG:












(Click for Fullscreen Versions)



(Click for Fullscreen Versions)


Like anything you saw? Just stay tuned until their official release~ (ASAP Steam Greenlights PEG’s Trading Cards)


But also, and as always, thank you very much for reading my blog. :3


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