Drawing #2 – Fanart: Illyasviel (Saber Ver.)

And it didn't took long until I decided to draw again, fanart this time: Drawing #2 - Fanart: Illyasviel (Saber Ver.)


Drawing #1 – Herbalist White

I draw from time to time, so I figured someone might be interested in the drawings I make. So starting today every time I feel like doodling I might share it. Who knows? Maybe I will get better at it as the days go on and this can serve as a record of it. (I'm... Continue Reading →

KNIGHTS 50% Sale – 10/10/2016

Just wanted to make a little sale announcement. KNIGHTS will be for sale during 14 days starting today (10/10/2016) at a 50% off! With even greater discounts on the official website. (Up to 60%!) And of course, a big thank you to everyone that has supported the game so far!

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