KNIGHTS Launches Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day, KNIGHTS will finally launch to the public. Regardless of how things go this will be but a step that needs to be taken in order to finally start in the world that is game development.   That said, the official game site received a little coat of painting to commemorate... Continue Reading →


KNIGHTS Approved for Release! (& Promo Art)

The final block before having KNIGHTS live on the store page has been removed! Basically as soon as this button is pressed the game will launch, but because of the "Weekly Deals" and releases that Steam has every Monday it might be best to release on the 30th. That said, during the past weeks promo... Continue Reading →

KNIGHTS Steam Achievements

A little sneak peek on the achievements that will come with the game. I always liked the concept of achievements, but never liked how they were sometimes insanely impossible or unnecessarily hard to get =|. That's why I decided mines wouldn't be the easiest from the bunch to get, but still humanly doable if you... Continue Reading →

KNIGHTS Store Page Is Nearly Finished!

Man, it does feel good to see this taking shape and nearly finished. If the testing, documentation and upload process goes smoothly, KNIGHTS should be launching by next Monday. As stated before it will come packed with steam cards, emoticons, backgrounds and badges (which are actually being reviewed right now) and some other features such... Continue Reading →

KNIGHTS Steam Cards, Badges, Emoticons and Backgrounds

Just like several other platforms, Steam tries to offer a little extra to their games and platform to increase the overall customer experience. Such services can be cloud sync, achievements, controller support and a customizable profile. The latter offers developers the ability to create several items that can be displayed and/or used on the platform.... Continue Reading →

Little Room is now Available on GameJolt!

A few days back, the little side project by the name of Little Room was finished. The game is free to download, but I decided it would be best to spread it as much as possible. That's why Little room is now available in both and GameJolt! One more platform to add to the... Continue Reading →

KNIGHTS is Greenlit!

It took some time, but the big new finally arrived, KNIGHTS got Greenlit! What does this mean? Well, it basically allows KNIGHTS to be sold worldwide on the biggest online retailer for PC games, Steam. It truly has been quite the ride, but nothing feels better than seeing what has been accomplished so far. All... Continue Reading →

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