GDCR – Juice It Or Lose It

Does your optimal post time in social media not match your sleeping schedule? Got a little something for you.


Software Suggestion – Hootsuite

Prepare Your Content, And Let It Auto Post Itself Think about it for a second. When do you post in social media? Is it when you notice you get more attraction? Or instead, it depends on at what time you are awake? The thing is, normally that "peak" moment for you might always come at... Continue Reading →

Unity Tip – Built-In Primitive Sprites

Circles, Squares, Triangles. Simple Shapes To Use From The Get-Go You are building your game, and suddenly came to the realization you need a simple sprite as a placeholder, or as the main shape for a particle system. Whetever the case, you are in need of a white basic shape to color over. Just to... Continue Reading →

Programmer Tip – Move Code Lines And Whole Segments

Forget About Copy-Pasting Code As a Visual Studio active user, I must say that one of my greatest joys is whenever I can automate things I frequently do. In this case, I was extremely happy when I found out I could move one or several lines of code at once without the need of ever... Continue Reading →

Unity Tool – Play Mode Edit Reminder

Never Lose Progress Again We’ve all been there. You have been working on some scene edits for what feels like an hour, and then the moment to panic comes… You were on runtime all along. For anyone working with Unity, that is the closest to an everyday horror story. Sure, you can always change the... Continue Reading →

Programmer Tip – Optional Parameters

Saving Re-Writing Code Since C# 4 When building your own systems, you might sometimes require a method you just made to slightly change its functionality in some cases. It might be that you wish you could provide an extra boolean or number to that method, without breaking all you have already done. In these cases,... Continue Reading →

Unity Tip – Edit Collision Matrix

There are many game genre’s that rely on physics, maybe even almost all of them actually. Bullet hell, hack and slash, platformer, action, and maybe even puzzle games. So chances are, a game you are working on needs things to bump into other things. But the thing is, you might not actually need them to... Continue Reading →

Programmer Tip – Multiline Editing

Comment Many Lines At Once Sometimes you are in need of modifying many fields at one, to make them ALL from private to public. Other times you might want to leave a comment on many lines, while having those comments aligned. And finally, other times, you just want to delete many lines at once. If... Continue Reading →

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